Make a Difference with Catholic Charities of St. Louis

Individual Volunteer

Volunteer with Catholic Charities of St. Louis and make a meaningful impact in your community. Your time and skills can provide hope and help to those in need, from supporting families to aiding the homeless. Whatever your background, you have a place in our mission of compassion and change.

Group Volunteer

Group volunteering at Catholic Charities of St. Louis is a powerful way to bring teams, organizations, or friends together for a common cause. By volunteering as a group, you can strengthen bonds while making a significant impact in the lives of those we serve. Engage in activities that support our various programs, from community outreach to assisting in special events. It’s a chance to collaborate, give back, and witness the direct impact of collective efforts in our community. Join us as a group and experience the joy and fulfillment of working together for a greater good.