Bringing the healing, help, and hope of Jesus Christ to those in need across the region of St. Louis

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Podcast Episodes

Listen and learn with various leaders from Catholic Charities of St. Louis

Who is my Neighbor? with Dr. Jared Bryson

Dr. Jared Bryson, President of CCSTL joins host Brian Miller Director of Evangelization at the Archdiocese of St. Louis to discuss the question: How do we bring charity into our everyday lives?

Guns and Domestic Violence

Jessica Woolbright, CCSTL Executive Director of Saint Martha’s, a domestic violence center in St. Louis, and Deacon Tyler McClay, CCSTL Director of Advocacy discuss the impact of guns in domestic violence situations, federal and state legislation, and the upcoming gun violence summit.

Answering the Call to a Sacred Ministry of Foster Care

Dr. Michael Meehan, CCSTL Executive Director of Marygrove, a child welfare agency near St. Louis, discusses how individuals and parishes can get involved in supporting youth and foster families.

Main Service Categories


Workforce Development
Build the skills needed for a sustainable life


Senior Care
Empowering our community to age with dignity and care


Short and long-term housing and shelter services


Disaster Relief
Immediate emergency support for those in crisis


Family & Children Services
Helping families create a stable environment


Addiction Recovery
Early intervention, treatment, and long-term recovery


Mental Health & Wellness
Addiction, counseling, or case management to help you live a whole and meaningful life


Legal Aid
Providing legal aid to people who are under-resourced


Services For Immigrants
Humanitarian assistance and programs for migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers